NFL week 15 picks, Part II

December 19, 2009

Well, after a very solid Week 14 and a promising start to Week 15 — taking the Jacksonville Jaguars to cover against the Indy Colts — the Lineman is on a roll going 5-2 in the last seven picks.

Week 14 NFL picks

December 12, 2009

Could see the blitz coming last week but just could not stop it. The Lineman’s Spider sense told him something just felt wrong but ignored the danger and well…the end result was a crushing 1-5 Week 13.

Tomlinson charges ahead of Hall of Famer Jim Brown

December 8, 2009

Before the season began, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson was miffed at Hall of Famer Jim Brown for calling Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings “hands down, the best running back in the NFL”. Aided by a cane, Brown returned to Cleveland Sunday night to watch Tomlinson pass him for eighth place on the career rushing list.

NFL picks week 13

December 5, 2009

Lucky Week 13 and the Lineman is worried because he spotted six games he liked right away and has not switched off any of them. Usually the Lineman will have second thoughts about a few games and tosses and turns over others.

Week 12 NFL Picks, Part I

November 25, 2009

NFL/We are still undoing the damaging from CBall’s 1-5 week and a 2-4 fumble by the Lineman in Week 10 but 5-1 last week has the team back on track.

Pats’ Belichick played the right odds, Harvard economist says

November 17, 2009

belichik1Bill Belichick has been crucified metaphorically by many pundits and fans for his gamble late in a National Football League game against the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts, but one top economist says the coach many previously called a genius made the right decision Sunday even if it backfired on him.

What was Bill Belichick thinking?

November 17, 2009

coltsBonehead move or brilliant gamble? Gutsy call or clueless mistake?

With the New England Patriots leading the surging Indianapolis Colts 34-28 with just over two minutes to play and staring at a fourth and two gamble on their own 28 yard line, was Bill Belichick’s decision to go for the first down rather than punt the ball away the right one?

Lack of direction in Green Bay after Favre return

November 2, 2009

favreTo understand what the National Football League and the beloved Packers mean to the residents of Green Bay you need only ask for directions.

Week Seven NFL Picks

October 23, 2009

breesThe Lineman had been in a bit of slump the last three weeks. After a very solid start to the season he has picked just six winners the last three weeks.We were hit hard by upsets last week (give me a break Raiders and Bills both picking up wins). But we are still ..500 on the season and Pick of the Week is back at .500.