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Button to McLaren – the real deal or just pretend?


buttonJenson Button’s eye-catching visit to McLaren on Friday is of obvious benefit to both parties, whatever the reality behind the headlines.

If a deal is done, the new Formula One champion gets the bigger salary that Brawn are reluctant or unable to pay as well as a potentially winning car for next season.

McLaren would get a line-up of champions that will appeal to global sponsors like Vodafone and show that they remain, along with Ferrari, a big hitting team that can always pull in the top talent.

At the very least, Button is able to send a clear message to Brawn that he has other, viable and possibly more lucrative, options and that they cannot assume he will just stay out of loyalty.

F1 worries about the size zero heroes


MOTOR-RACING-PRIX/Formula One drivers are usually to be found with their arms around ultra-thin supermodels, rather than being compared to them.

However the parallels being drawn at the Spanish Grand Prix this week have been less alluring — more to do with size zero health concerns than sexy looks or fashion sense.