Pacquiao – Mayweather fight moves closer

December 4, 2009

The news that Bob Arum has flown to Manila to meet Manny Pacquiao and discuss a contract offer to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr is a good sign that next year’s super fight is close to being signed.

Pacquiao’s power proves far too much for Hatton

May 3, 2009


After his devastating second-round knockout victory over Ricky Hatton it appears there are no limits to Filipino Manny Pacquiao’s ability… It’s just a shame he can’t continue his jolly stroll through the weight classes and breathe some life into the heavyweight division.

Rumours fly around Hatton-Pacman

May 2, 2009

mayweatherThere is nothing like big fight week in Las Vegas to knock promoters heads together and sort out the next mouth-watering match-ups.