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Schumacher faces up to his past


SPORT-MOTOR/MERCEDESThe late Peter Ustinov, a comic connoisseur of national stereotypes in his 1958 spoof commentary for an imaginary Grand Prix of Gibraltar, might have enjoyed Monday’s Mercedes team launch in Stuttgart.

As Michael Schumacher observed, referring to his new employers’ prospects for the season ahead, all the ingredients were there.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, a man whose walrus moustache would not look out of place in a Munich beer hall, spoke firmly of the birth of the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft, the German national team.

An American reporter kicked off the questions to team principal Ross Brawn with a technical poser about the challenges of designing the 2010 car under the new rules, before the British media scratched around and dusted off old Anglo-German