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The Lineman: Week Eight NFL picks


Back on track with a combined 9-3 record over the past two weeks which means I head into Week Eight on Halloween weekend showing no fear for what lies ahead.

Yes, it’s Halloween and the Lineman would never let it go by without all kinds of frightening references.
Record: 23-19; Last week 4-2; Pick of the Week: 5-2


Detroit Lions (5-2) at Denver Broncos (2-4) (Lions minus-0.5)

OK, you got what you wanted Mile High City, Tim Tebow is calling plays but be careful what you wish for Broncos fans.
The Tebow love-in is in full bloom in Denver, Bronco faithful hailing Timmy Touchdown as the second coming of Pro Football Hall of Famer John Elway after he pulled out an unlikely 18-15 win over the Dolphins last week.
But a win, like a good Halloween costume, can hide many warts and Tebow was covered in them until his late game heroics.

For 55 minutes, the game featured “Tebow the Terrible” until “Tebow Terrific” arrived and I have to admit the guy finds a way to win.
But sorry Tebow fans, there is no way this week as the ornery Lions are coming to town.