Formula One’s youngest world champion was always a man in a hurry

November 14, 2010

MOTOR-RACING-PRIX/From the very first moment he arrived in Formula One as a curly-haired teenager, new world champion Sebastian Vettel was a young man in a hurry.

F1 is not all glamour

May 13, 2010

MOTOR-RACING-PRIX/Who said Formula One was all glamour, parties and champagne?

Mark Webber provided a different insight on Wednesday as he sat in the Red Bull hospitality unit — the usual description of motorhome hardly applies to a floating palace moored to the Monaco harbourside — and described how his evening had panned out after winning the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona last weekend.

Would you drive into a wall if someone asked you to?

September 10, 2009

Crashing a Formula One car is easy.¬†Even I could do that, although fitting into the cockpit might be a bit of a squeeze. It’s the driving that is difficult.

Mosley gives F1 teams a parting gift

July 15, 2009

todtBy anointing Jean Todt as his designated successor, Max Mosley has sent a pretty clear message to the troublesome Formula One teams.

Formula One on the brink as eight teams threaten split

June 19, 2009

Formula One plunged into its biggest crisis in 60 years on Friday with eight of the 10 teams announcing plans to set up their own championship.

Back to the good old days

February 10, 2009

Red Bull Formula One drivers Mark Webber of Australia and Sebastian Vettel of Germany pose for the media next to the RB5 in JerezTime was when a Formula One car launch consisted of little more than a couple of oil-streaked mechanics wheeling their pride and joy out of a lock-up garage on a chilly winter morning at some deserted circuit.