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from Raw Japan:

Tokyo lights go out

Tokyo's failure to win the 2016 Olympic bid triggered bemused shrugs and a rush for the exits at Tokyo Tower when the result was announced well past midnight on Saturday morning. In truth, no one at the bid party in the Tower seemed to really expect Tokyo to win.

Drummers drummed, cheerleaders rustled pom-poms and a seeming endless string of noisy TV celebrities took turns at the microphone to drum up some Olympic fever among the 400-plus partygoers.

But Tokyo officials had hardly splashed out and the event quickly descended into farce. There was no champagne on ice, just beer.OLYMPIC/TOKYO

Odds-on favourite Chicago’s early elimination drew gasps, certainly bigger than those when Tokyo went out moments later in the second round, when confusion reigned supreme.

Boyz II Men risk a Barack-ing over Tokyo Olympic support


boyzAsk not what you can do for your country … ask its direct competitor if it wants any help with its Olympic bid.

Tokyo’s 2016 campaign has been short on glamour backers and is struggling to match Chicago’s trump card, American President Barack Obama - until now.