from Raw Japan:

Ai, Ai, Ai!

July 27, 2009

The Japanese fairway is littered with golf stars who joined the U.S. or European game highly touted, but who found themselves decidedly unexceptional amid a wealth of international talent.

British Open proves elementary for Watson, tough on Tiger

July 16, 2009

watsonIt is fair to say we all expected an American with a surname beginning with W to be soaring up the British Open leaderboard but everyone has been shocked that it is 59-year-old senior Tom Watson topping the strong field and not a certain Tiger Woods.

from Raw Japan:

Japan’s Tiger in the tank?

June 22, 2009

What goes up must at some point come down.

The world of sports is full of examples of bright lights who shone briefly before crashing back down to earth.

Japan’s Tiger cub Ishikawa needs breathing space

April 11, 2009


Picture this: You are one of your country’s biggest celebrities, you have signed a multi-million dollar deal with IMG, teenage girls scream when you walk into a room and you have a media circus tripping over each other to follow your every move — before you’re even old enough to drive.