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from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Lay down the run! And update your Olympic lingo

OLYMPICS-SNOWBOARDING/In the skiing and snowboarding events at the Olympic Games these days, we have many a super athlete giving us mere mortals lessons in linguistics.  It's actually sick, in modern terms that is.

Sick ("crazy, cool, insane") was snowboarder Shaun White's killer second run through the half-pipe, a near perfect, thriller of a ride, even after he had already clinched the gold medal. Dude's on fire.

Lindsey Vonn showed us how to "lay down a run" with her daring downhill burst that brought her a gold medal.  It appears that "throw it down" and "put it down" can also be used when talking about runs and races.

And then there are the broadcast commentators of a certain age who can be heard talking on their nice mainstream media about "ripping" snow conditions and "stoked" snowboarders. Granted these words are not new to the modern lexicon, but they may be to these people.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Flying Tomato squashes Vonn-couver in earnings stakes

OLYMPICS/SNOWBOARDINGStep forward the top earning athlete at these Winter Olympics... Not so fast, Lindsey Vonn!

According to Forbes, the two athletes in a high-rolling class of their own are Shaun White -- the Flying Tomato himself -- and South Korea's Kim Yu-na, the insanely popular 19-year-old figure skater.