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from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Winter Olympics memories — You might as well jump

VANCOUVER-OLYMPICS/What comes to mind when you think of the Winter Olympics of the past? Is it graceful ice skaters or the bruising hockey encounters? Is it the hip-swerving skill of the slalom or the knee-trembling speed of the downhill?

Our Olympic memories are reflections of the prisms through which we viewed the Games -- in reality, the priorities of our national television stations.

Austrians will have so many memories to choose from but no doubt millions of a certain age would recall Franz Klammer's downhill gold from Innsbruck in 1976 or a later generation would opt for Hermann Maier's double gold from Nagano in 1998. For many, many Brits it is all about Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards heroically finishing last in the ski jump in 1988 in Calgary.

A lot of Italians get excited recalling the charismatic skier Alberto Tomba winning a pair of golds in Calgary in 1998; for Americans, I imagine the number one memory would be the epic 'Miracle on Ice' in Lake Placid in 1980 when a team of mostly college and amateur players defeated the cold war rivals, the USSR, in a game that seemed made for Hollywood.

Sports picture of the day

- GERMANY/ Sports Pictures Editor Greg Bos has varied the theme today and gone for a picture from the world ski jumping championships. Here’s Greg’s view of the shot: I like this picture from Munich-based photographer Michael Dalder because he took the time to find a different angle and made a beautiful picture combining the falling snow and a spot light to isolate the ski jumper in mid air.

Original caption: Austria’s Martin Koch soars through the air during his second round jump at the ski jumping World Championships in Oberstdorf, February 13, 2009. REUTERS/Michael Dalder  

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