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G-strings, the bare-faced solution to swimming’s problems

With the row over space-age bodysuits threatening to engulf swimming, it was only a matter of time before a top athlete lent his voice to calls for a radical, no-nonsense solution.

Japan’s Ryosuke Irie reckons racing in skimpy G-strings might be the best way — indeed the only way — to ensure a level playing field before the bodysuit wars tie swimming up in so much red tape the public lose interest.

“We would be better off,” said the 19-year-old, whose recent 200 metres backstroke world record is still awaiting ratification from swimming’s governing body FINA.

“We need a set of rules people will agree to and stick to.”

Concerns over hi-tech bodysuits have muddied the waters since before last year’s Olympics when world records began tumbling after Speedo unveiled their drag-reducing LZR suit.