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Replays don’t always give the answer


NFL/Sunday’s controversial video review decision in the Steelers-Dolphins game should be a reminder to those who support replays that cameras can’t see everything.

The incident and an explanation can be watched in this video here (or you can read about the controversy here )

In a nutshell, albeit quite a large nutshell, the Dolphins were up 22-20 with 2:30 left when Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ran two yards for a touchdown, which Miami head coach Tony Sparano challenged, arguing the ball had been fumbled.

After a review, the referee agreed that Roethlisberger had fumbled the ball before crossing the line. But since officials were unable to determine who recovered the ball, the Steelers were awarded possession and kicker Jeff Reed converted a field goal on the next play to go ahead by a point.

Technology and the modern sports fan


NBA/“What are you doing?” This simple question is the basic premise of Twitter, the growing social media website that has transformed how many fans get their daily dose of sports news.

In addition to the newsfeeds provided by established brands (@ReutersSport is a good one!) there are feeds directly from the major sports offices (@MLB,@NFL, @NBA). Then there are the athletes themselves, providing everything from perspective on current events to personalized fan interaction.

G-strings, the bare-faced solution to swimming’s problems

With the row over space-age bodysuits threatening to engulf swimming, it was only a matter of time before a top athlete lent his voice to calls for a radical, no-nonsense solution.

Japan’s Ryosuke Irie reckons racing in skimpy G-strings might be the best way — indeed the only way — to ensure a level playing field before the bodysuit wars tie swimming up in so much red tape the public lose interest.