Sport on sub-continent threatened after attack on Sri Lanka cricketers

March 3, 2009

Scenes of bloodshed on the streets of Lahore after gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan team bus instantly ended any hopes Pakistan might have held of coaxing the cricketing world back to its grounds.

Women’s tennis is just as enthralling as men’s

February 16, 2009

“Embarrassing”, “pitiful” and “pathetic” were just some of the words used by the global press to describe last month’s Australian Open final between Serena Williams and Dinara Safina.

Testing times for tennis players, but cyclists have it worse

February 13, 2009

doping“Knock, knock on the door. Anti-doping control right now. This is #18.”

That’s Lance Armstrong’s Twitter feed on Feb 13, a few hours ago.

I bet if his mum doesn’t know where he is, the anti-doping authorities do.

Since he announced his return last September, the seven-times Tour de France champion has undergone 18 tests — that is, three or four a month.

Nadal and Co feel like criminals for going to the zoo…

February 12, 2009


Life’s not always easy for Rafael Nadal and other mega-rich tennis players, writes Theo Ruizenaar.