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The Lineman’s NFL picks — week 12


NFLWell, a 3-3 Week 11 keeps us at .500 but we need to make a big move to get up the standings — and get ahead of Ms. Lineman who is leading by one game. Ouch.

Record: 33-33. Last week: 3-3. Pick of the Week: 4-7


Tennessee Titans (5-5) at Houston Texans (4-6) (Line Texans minus-3.5): First off, it is difficult to back any team with a quarterback named Rusty and with Vince Young injured and in Jeff Fisher’s doghouse and backup Kerry Collins on the limp Rusty Smith will make his first career NFL start for the Titans.

Houston has the NFL’s worst pass defense and the Titans have Randy Moss, one of the league’s top wide receivers.

But Moss has just one catch in two games since the Vikings dropped the whiny wide out and the Rusty to Randy connection… well, it doesn’t sound nearly as scary as the Tom Brady or Brett Favre to Moss connection.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — week 11


NFL/Big pat on the back for the ‘Wichita’ Lineman, who came in off the bench last week and produced a solid 4-2 that got our overall record back to .500.

So, as the ‘Wichita’ Lineman says, let’s look into the crystal pigskin and see where Week 11 leads us.

“Wichita” Lineman’s NFL picks — week 10


NFL/With the esteemed Lineman licking some wounds in his bye week after a tough first half of the season, cousin ‘Wichita’ Lineman has strapped on the pads to join the fray for Week 10.

The crystal pigskin reveals that a couple of underdogs will have bite, dysfunctional quarterback situations produce opposite results and brotherly love will be sorely tested on the gridiron this weekend.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — Week 9


NFLThat was better, a 4-2 week gets us back on track after a little first half wobble.

Unlike past weeks there were several matchups I liked in Week Nine, in fact it was difficult to settle on the six I liked best.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — Week 8


NFL/Another tough week for the Lineman, who is feeling a bit like Tony Romo and Brett Favre — beat up. But as bad as Week Seven was, it was still a move in the right direction so we look forward to an even better Week Eight.

 Record: 19-23. Last week 2-4. Pick of the Week: 3-4


Buffalo Bills (0-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) (Line Chiefs minus-7.5)

Sure, I know what you’re thinking: it’s easy to bet against the NFL’s only winless team.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — Week 7


NFL/You talk about your pick hits last Sunday; the Lineman took a big one going 1-5. Even more painful three of those losses came by .5 of a point – including Pick of the Week. Ouch.

But the Lineman has been cleared to play for Week Seven and ready to go.

Record: 17-19. Last week 1-5. Pick of the Week: 2-4


Arizona Cardinals (3-2) at Seattle Seahawks (3-2) (Line Seahawks minus-5.5): A battle for top spot in the wacky and strange NFC West is not where I would normally look for my pick of the week but some numbers here are just to hard to ignore.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — week 6


NFL/Ouch, that was about the toughest week the Lineman has had to endure ever in the Pick Six. First Green Bay clangs a last second game winning field goal off the post and loses to the Skins then to cap off a painful Week Five, Brett Favre tossed a last second interception that the Jets return for a touchdown and the Vikings fail to cover – UGHHHHHHH.

Hey, and what is up with the Saints?

Well, we are back for more punishment in Week Six and the good news is we are still above .500 but the Pick of Week needs work.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — Week 5


NFL/The Lineman is back baby, 5-1 in Week Four and if not for the Bengals’ surrender in the Battle of Ohio we would have pulled a Kansas City Chiefs – PERFECT. While the Chiefs’ perfect season ends this week in Indy the Lineman gets his shot at perfection in what is a head-scratching Week Five.

Record: 14-10. Last week 5-1. Pick of the Week: 2-2


Green Bay Packers (3-1) at Washington Redskins (2-2) (Line Packers minus-2.5): After self-destructing against the Chicago Bears and hanging on to tame the winless Detroit Lions it is time for the Packers to step up and play like the Super Bowl contenders they claim to be.

The Lineman’s NFL picks — week 4


NFL/OK, I know what you are thinking; after a 2-4 Week Three that a certain German octopus could do a better job of picking winners. True it was a tough week, even Mrs. Lineman got 3-3. But we are nothing if we are not resilient so here we go again with bold predictions for Week Four.

Record: 9-9. Last week 2-4. Pick of the Week: 1-2


Houston Texans (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (1-2) (Line Texans minus-3.5): I’m looking for the quality teams that bombed in Week Three to bounce back in a big way in Week Four and at the top of that list are the Texans.

The Lineman’s NFL picks: week 3


That was a hard earned 3-3 in Week Two that could have very easily been 5-1. Really, it could have. The Eagles failing to cover by .5 and the Raiders happy to give up a score at the death against St. Louis were gut-wrenchers. But then the Texans did come back from the brink to beat the Redskins so, I guess it all evens out in the end. Sort of.

Record: 7-5. Last week 3-3

Pick of the Week: 1-1

Green Bay Packers (2-0) at Chicago Bears (2-0) (Line Packers minus-2.5)