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Ticket fiasco is not unique to India



First it was the Commonwealth Games (CWG) and now it’s the Cricket World Cup (CWC) – two events that should have enhanced India’s image as the host of global sporting events but has instead hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While the chaotic preparations and organisational blunders surrounding the CWG is well documented, events at the CWC need to be put into perspective.

This CWC is one of the most viewed sporting spectacles in the world. India, the second highest populated country, is one of its co-hosts.

Money is clearly not an issue as the Indian board is the richest in the sport. But then money cannot buy everything, as some credit card adverts will have you believe.

from Shop Talk:

Major League Soccer turns to training clubs’ ticket sales staff

mls1With new teams on the way and attendance rising, Major League Soccer has turned to a league-funded program to train its clubs' new sales staffers to help drive ticket demand.

The new 45-day training program, dubbed the MLS National Sales Center, got its start last month with the graduation of 10 trainees to jobs with seven clubs. MLS calls it the first ticket sales school owned by a pro sports league.

Where cricket is concerned, more does not mean better


clarkeBright spring sunshine hit Lord’s on Saturday but with England’s first Test against West Indies having finished inside three days there was no one there to enjoy it.

Instead, the England and Wales Cricket Board were left gloomily counting the lost gate receipts for the final two days of the earliest Test yet staged in England.