Nervous Armstrong makes respectable Tour start

July 5, 2009

Lance Armstrong returned to his favourite stage four years after winning a record seventh consecutive Tour de France and set a respectable time in the opening time trial.

Moment of truth for Armstrong and Contador

July 3, 2009

rtr1j1aq2lanceafterIt is THE question the Tour de France caravan has been asking in the crowded restaurants of Monaco: Can the returning Lance Armstrong really live in peace and harmony with Alberto Contador, the 2007 winner and the American’s team leader?

Contador loses a race but wins vital support

June 17, 2009

dauphineLast week, Alberto Contador did not win the Dauphine Libere, a warm-up race for the Tour de France. He finished behind Alejandro Valverde and Cadel Evans and that you might think that would be a big worry with less than a month to go before the Tour starts on July 4 in Monaco.

Spain’s sporting state of grace

June 16, 2009

pauPau Gasol’s triumph with the LA Lakers has prompted more articles in the Spanish media celebrating the country’s incredible run of sporting success.

Armstrong will struggle to make a real impact

May 5, 2009

It’s not Lance Armstrong’s first comeback, he has a natural ability to defy the odds, he is in the best possible squad.

Crash suggests Armstrong has bigger problems

March 24, 2009

On Monday morning, I told one of my colleagues: “Today (on Tour of Castilla y Leon) should be cool. Decisive stage is Tuesday with the time trial.”

Can Armstrong shed the pounds and really compete?

March 23, 2009











Lance Armstrong has said he still has some extra pounds he needs to lose.

After finishing 125th in this weekend’s Milan – San Remo, he faces his own race to be competitive in May’s Giro d’Italia and July’s Tour de France.

Quiet man Contador makes his point to Bruyneel

March 9, 2009


Alberto Contador reminds me of Rafael Nadal. He speaks softly, he is very polite, some would say he is a kind lad. He is all those things, and, just like Nadal, once he gets on his turf, he is all but a killer.

Lance loses bike, wears @$$ out

February 17, 2009


Having your bike stolen is quite a big deal. It has happened to me a few times and I must say I was pretty upset.