Murray Mound replaces Robson Green at Wimbledon

June 23, 2009

murraywinThe world famous Aorangi Terrace at Wimbledon, for so long known as ‘Henman Hill’ after SW19’s favourite son, was restored to ‘Murray Mound’ on Tuesday after flirting with a new name on Monday.

Roger Federer, and other crimes against fashion

June 23, 2009


Fashion models, with varying degrees of taste, have been strutting their stuff at Wimbledon this week — oh, and they play a spot of tennis too.

No rain at Wimbledon but skating aplenty

June 22, 2009

wimbledon1Leading up to this year’s Wimbledon all the talk has been about the new roof on Centre Court and the blessed reality that rain-filled days would no longer scupper everyone’s plans to watch some tennis.

Can Wimbledon cope without Nadal?

June 20, 2009


When Roger Federer shows up at Wimbledon next week without Rafael Nadal looking down at him  from the top of the draw, it will almost feel like Laurel turned up without Hardy or Starsky without Hutch.

Nadal loses battle of wounded knee

June 19, 2009


Rafael Nadal will not be able to defend his Wimbledon title after losing his battle to recover from a knee injury.

What the future holds for Wimbledon

June 19, 2009

OK, we still don’t know whether Nadal will defend his Wimbledon title but we do know what the All England Club have in store following the redevelopment of centre court.

Wimbledon’s “break with tradition” gets Agassi thumbs up

May 18, 2009


The tennis blogosphere seems to have welcomed the new roof on Wimbledon’s centre court with open arms (see here, here and here for a taste), as did Andre Agassi when he was asked about his invitation to play at Sunday’s event.

Wimbledon prepares for change but grass remains sacrosanct

April 21, 2009


Wimbledon enters a new era this year with the stunning new roof over centre court primed to protect the tournament from the worst of the notoriously erratic British weather.