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from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Winter Olympics memories — You might as well jump

VANCOUVER-OLYMPICS/What comes to mind when you think of the Winter Olympics of the past? Is it graceful ice skaters or the bruising hockey encounters? Is it the hip-swerving skill of the slalom or the knee-trembling speed of the downhill?

Our Olympic memories are reflections of the prisms through which we viewed the Games -- in reality, the priorities of our national television stations.

Austrians will have so many memories to choose from but no doubt millions of a certain age would recall Franz Klammer's downhill gold from Innsbruck in 1976 or a later generation would opt for Hermann Maier's double gold from Nagano in 1998. For many, many Brits it is all about Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards heroically finishing last in the ski jump in 1988 in Calgary.

A lot of Italians get excited recalling the charismatic skier Alberto Tomba winning a pair of golds in Calgary in 1998; for Americans, I imagine the number one memory would be the epic 'Miracle on Ice' in Lake Placid in 1980 when a team of mostly college and amateur players defeated the cold war rivals, the USSR, in a game that seemed made for Hollywood.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Missing Lynx hits Whistler in time for Games


If you go down on a sledge today you might be in for a big surprise.

For competitors at the tree-lined Whistler Sliding Centre, which is hosting luge, skeleton and bobsleigh over the next two and a half weeks, and the downhill skiers on Whistler Mountain, that adapted nursery rhyme is quite appropriate.

When Whistler was first chosen to co-host the Olympics with Vancouver,  preserving what is natural habitat for many native species was a priority.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Snow patrol: it’ll be all white on the night


It is snowing in Cypress, foggy in Whistler and raining in Vancouver, so I guess we don't have to put inverted commas round the "Winter" bit of the Olympics any more.

Snow in Cypress. That sounds a bit odd when you say it out loud and it's not something you you see every day here in Vancouver. In fact, it's not something any of us has seen since the world descended on the city for the Games.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Vonn injury could keep her out of the Games


The Vonncouver Olympics may just be over before the Games have even begun.

Lindsey Vonn can't confirm whether she'll be able to compete at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver starting in a couple of days after the unlucky American revealed she is suffering from a shin injury that left her in "excruciating" pain.

Vonn, the 25-year-old multi-medal hope for the Untied States, appeared before a news conference in Vancouver today to tell the media the bad news.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Reuters Sportswrap, Vancouver special

We're doing things slightly differently on Sportswrap while we're at the Winter Olympics. Join Kevin Fylan on our Vancouver debut, featuring some spectacular aerial shots of the city, and the IOC president getting down with the athletes.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Canada can’t wait for that golden moment

ALPINE-SKIINGCanada has a reputation as a slow starter at the Olympics, but the country may be poised to end a two-Games gold-medal drought on home soil ... and it could even come on the first full day of competition.

There is so much excitement for that elusive gold medal that Canadian lugers have been offered a $1 million bonus from their title sponsor if they can earn a spot atop the podium.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Snow patrol: Tuesday update

OLYMPICS-VANCOUVER/We're just three days away from the start of the Winter Olympics and snow is still conspicuous by its absence in balmy Vancouver.

Organisers are making terrific last-minute attempts to snow the place up a little, given the unseasonably warm weather here. Using helicopters and a 750-strong workforce, they've transported more than 5,000 cubic metres of snow to Cypress Mountain and the bare freestyle skiing and snowboard courses.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Flying Tomato squashes Vonn-couver in earnings stakes

OLYMPICS/SNOWBOARDINGStep forward the top earning athlete at these Winter Olympics... Not so fast, Lindsey Vonn!

According to Forbes, the two athletes in a high-rolling class of their own are Shaun White -- the Flying Tomato himself -- and South Korea's Kim Yu-na, the insanely popular 19-year-old figure skater.

Hasta La Pista, Baby


SPORT ALPINE SKIThe Olympic torch relay just got bigger, much bigger.

At 106 days, the pre-Vancouver Winter Games run weighs in as the longest domestic relay in Olympic history and to help get it across the finish line… Arnie is back.

Famous for his ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ catchphrases in the Terminator films, Arnold Schwarzenegger, now Governor of California, is nipping over to Canada to flex his pecs with a torch run through Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

A taste of the Olympics in downtown Vancouver

With a few days to go before the start of the Winter Games, your intrepid reporters Kevin Fylan and Sonia Oxley took a stroll round downtown Vancouver to get a taste of the true Olympic spirit.

Click on the video above (or the headline first if your on the home page) and see just how much we enjoyed this tiny gastronomic tour of the city. Really, it's been a slice.