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Do breaches of sporting etiquette matter?


BASEBALL/Baseball etiquette, or the so-called “unwritten rules” of the Summer Game, has elbowed its way into the sport’s headlines this early season.

We’re not talking about pedestrian infractions of Emily Post protocol like admiring a home run off your bat for a couple of extra seconds, or taking too languorous a home run trot around the bases, or stealing a base with a big lead.

Alex Rodriguez miffed Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden, who yelled at the Yankees slugger when he took a short cut over the pitcher’s mound on his way back to first base after running on a foul ball.

Braden, who a few weeks later hurled the 19th perfect game ever in Major League Baseball, said he would not stand to be disrespected that way. Even his grandmother, Peggy Lindsey, chimed in. “Stick-it, A-Rod,” she told reporters.