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Feb 4, 2014

Slovenia paralyzed by thick ice, more snow forecast

POSTOJNA, Slovenia (Reuters) – Snow and ice has paralyzed Slovenia, bringing down trees and electricity pylons, cutting power from 50,000 homes and causing millions of euros of damage.

Three days of blizzards inflicted “the worst devastation in living memory” in the small Alpine country, local media said. More bad weather is expected this week.

Sep 4, 2013
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Building the world’s fastest bikes


Skale, Slovenia

By Srdjan Zivulovic

When streamlined bicycle designer Damjan Zabovnik brought me to the garage of his family home, in the Slovenian village of Skale close to Velenje, I thought there would be a hall or small workshop nearby where he could work on and test his masterpieces.

I was wrong. Damjan proudly opened the door leading to the garage, where a mid-sized car could hardly fit. Once inside, he patted his new bike and told me that it was ready for this year.

Jul 4, 2013
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Back to the pinhole future


Velenje, Slovenia

By Srdjan Zivulovic

I haven’t been this excited and concerned about a story for a long time. I was about to photograph a young designer and his wooden pin hole camera. Photographing in a pristine way, without a lens and on film is a really amazing experience. Working for a long time with digital photography, I got used to the ease and speed of shooting, editing and transmitting the captured material to Reuters clients. Now, I had to remember all the procedures and loopholes involved in capturing and processing on the Leica film format.

That’s why I am grateful to the young and ever-cheerful designer and photographer Elvis Halilović for continuing the idea and development of pinhole cameras.

Dec 3, 2012

Slovenia police clash with anti-graft protesters

LJUBLJANA/MARIBOR, Slovenia (Reuters) – At least 12 people were injured when police clashed with protesters in Slovenia’s second city Maribor on Monday, in the latest of a series of rallies against budget cuts and graft in the financially-troubled Alpine state.

officers said more than 40 people were arrested after some members of the crowd of around 6,000 threw firecrackers, fireworks and rocks. Protesters demanded the resignation of the Mayor Franc Kangler who has been accused of corruption.

Dec 3, 2012

Violent mass protest continue in Slovenia

LJUBLJANA/MARIBOR, Slovenia (Reuters) – Protesters clashed with police in Slovenia’s second largest city Maribor on Monday in a demonstration against budget cuts in the financially troubled Alpine state.

Police said more than 20 people were arrested in Maribor and at least one policeman was injured after some from a crowd of around 6,000 protesters threw firecrackers, fireworks and rocks. Protesters were demanding the resignation of the Mayor Franc Kangler who has been accused of corruption.

Jun 2, 2011
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Is brown bear cub Medo the new Knut?


In a case with striking parallels with that of world-famous polar bear Knut, Medo, who takes his name from the Slovenian word for bear, wandered into the garden of the Logar family in the Slovenian village of Podvrh four weeks ago.

He looked gaunt and subdued, having most likely been abandoned by his mother. The Logar family were cautious at first, but the plight of the young bear won over their misgivings about engaging with a wild species.