1. Why isn’t Chuck Todd anchoring “Meet The Press”?

NBC’s “Meet The Press” is not simply mired in third place behind “Face the Nation” (CBS) and “This Week” (ABC). It has also become a boring hour weighed down with predictable guests answering bland questions from anchor David Gregory.

So can someone please do a story explaining why NBC chief White House reporter Chuck Todd hasn’t replaced Gregory?

Todd — who is also the host of MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” — arguably should have been chosen in the first place as the successor to Tim Russert after Russert’s untimely death. In terms of political smarts, enthusiasm for political horse races, and instinct for asking the right follow-ups, Todd was Russert’s natural heir.

Now that it’s clear that Gregory has lost the Sunday morning dominance that Russert built up, why the NBC bosses have not given not Todd his chair is an absolute mystery.

2. How Sochi happened:

Given not only the obvious security problems but also the generally ridiculous proposition that Sochi was the most desirable place to hold this year’s Winter Olympics, it would be great to read a retrospective on how that decision happened.