U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor gestures as he talks about his defeat in his Virginia Republican primary election during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

1. An Eric Cantor sweepstakes:

Who’s going to hire the soon-to-be unemployed but highly marketable Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va.)?

He’s got a law degree, a world-class Washington Rolodex and the kind of visibility that should make him a client magnet for K Street’s law firms and lobbying and public policy shops.

Or will he go to a think tank? That path might be more complicated because the most likely home for a conservative heavyweight, the Heritage Foundation, seems to have veered so far right that it might be awkward to welcome a guy just beaten by a candidate who attacked him from the right.

Or will he go home to Richmond, a place he might not now have to go home to had he spent more time there before the primary?

It’s not too early for a reporter to start tracking Cantor’s job hunt.

2. Drugs that save lives and annihilate budgets:

“‘This is the tip of the iceberg,’ said Steven Pearson, president of the nonprofit Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, which analyzes the effectiveness of new treatments. ‘We have about a year or two as a country to sort this out before more specialty drugs hit the market.’ ”