1. Behind a legislative triumph:

According to this article in the Capitol Hill newspaper the Hill, the House is poised this week to pass legislation that relates to three controversial issues: the federal budget, airport security, and funds for the military. Yet the bill is co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 43 House members.

Does this bipartisan breakthrough signal an end to Washington gridlock? Hardly. In fact, the bill seems more like it was drafted by Saturday Night Live scriptwriters looking for a new way to make fun of Congress.

The law, spearheaded by Republican Congressman Jeff Miller of Florida, doesn’t amount to much more than loose change. Literally.

The “TSA Loose Change Act,” or HR 1095, would require the Transportation Security Administration to gather and store all of the money that people leave behind at security checkpoints before going through metal detectors, and use it to fund special airport lounges for the military.

Until now, the TSA’s rules dictated that the forgotten pocket change was supposed to be used to enhance aviation security. However, according the Hill, the House Committee on Homeland Security has discovered that TSA has been slow to spend it, a lapse that Congressman Miller and his 43 co-sponsors are determined to rectify.