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Jan 20, 2014
Jan 19, 2014

Malaysia’s God problem erupts, tarnishing moderate image

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 (Reuters) – The Sunday Mass at Our Lady
of Lourdes Catholic church seems like a model for the
multicultural, tolerant Malaysia that its government likes to
present to the outside world.

An ethnic Chinese priest conducts the service in the Malay
language to a congregation made up of migrants from the
country’s eastern Borneo island states along with a handful of
Vietnamese immigrants.

Dec 6, 2013
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Malaysia ruling party tightens embrace of Islam to gain support


(Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak (front R) announces the 2014 budget at the parliament in Kuala Lumpur October 25, 2013. REUTERS/Samsul Said)

Malaysia’s ruling party, stung by an election setback in May, is burnishing its Islamic credentials, aiming to gain ground among majority ethnic Malay voters in a move that could heighten concern over growing religious intolerance in the multi-racial Southeast Asian country.

Dec 2, 2013

Malaysia power rates to jump 15 percent in 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Electricity tariffs in
Malaysia will rise by around 15 percent next year, the
government said on Monday, as higher-income consumers and
companies in the Southeast Asian nation feel the impact of moves
to cut the country’s heavy fuel subsidy bill and reduce its
budget deficit.

The electricity charge would rise by 14.89 percent on
average in peninsula Malaysia as part of the government’s
“subsidy rationalisation” measures outlined in the country’s
annual budget announcement in October, energy minister Maximus
Ongkili said.

Nov 16, 2013

Captain without a ship – Marcos clan mayor at eye of Philippine storm

TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) – Minutes before a tsunami-like storm surge slammed into the Philippine coastal city of Tacloban, a tall man in a motorcycle helmet strode along the shore through ferocious typhoon winds.

Mayor Alfred Romualdez, 51, was wearing the headgear to protect against what he called a wind so strong “it would take your eyes out.” He didn’t see the wall of water coming and was lucky to survive the catastrophe that killed at least 819 people there and 3,633 across the central Philippines.

Nov 15, 2013

Philippine typhoon death toll jumps; U.S. helicopters boost aid effort

TACLOBAN, Philippines, Nov 15 (Reuters) – The death toll
from a powerful typhoon doubled overnight in one Philippine city
alone, reaching 4,000, as helicopters from a U.S. aircraft
carrier and other naval ships began flying food, water and
medical teams to ravaged regions on Friday.

President Benigno Aquino has faced mounting pressure to
speed up the distribution of aid and also come under criticism
over unclear estimates of casualties, especially in Tacloban,
capital of hardest-hit Leyte province.

Nov 14, 2013

U.S. carrier starts Philippine storm relief; death toll jumps

TACLOBAN, Philippines, Nov 15 (Reuters) – A U.S. aircraft
carrier started unloading food and water in the typhoon-ravaged
central Philippines, while the United Nations, citing government
figures, put the latest death toll at 4,460 – almost double the
last official number given.

President Benigno Aquino has faced mounting pressure to
speed up the distribution of supplies and stoked debate over the
extent of casualties from Typhoon Haiyan.

Nov 14, 2013

Aquino under pressure over typhoon aid, U.S. carrier to arrive

TACLOBAN, Philippines, Nov 14 (Reuters) – Philippine
President Benigno Aquino was under growing pressure on Thursday
to speed up the distribution of food, water and medicine to
desperate survivors of a powerful typhoon and to get paralysed
local governments functioning.

Widespread looting of rice stocks and other supplies broke
out across the central Philippines on Wednesday despite the
deployment of solders to maintain law and order.

Nov 14, 2013

Desperate Philippine typhoon survivors loot, dig up water pipes

TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) – Desperation gripped Philippine islands devastated by Typhoon Haiyan as looting turned deadly on Wednesday and survivors panicked over shortages of food, water and medicine, some digging up underground water pipes and smashing them open.

Five days after one of the strongest storms ever recorded slammed into cities and towns in the central Philippines, anger and frustration boiled over on Wednesday as essential supplies dwindled. Some survivors scrawled signs reading “Help us”.

Nov 13, 2013

Typhoon babies fight against odds in ravaged Philippine city

TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) – In the chapel of the only functioning public hospital in typhoon-ravaged Tacloban, seven tiny, premature babies lie sweltering in intense heat, looked over by anxious mothers and a wooden statue of Christ.

An eighth, born two days after Friday’s monster storm hit the central Philippines, is kept alive only by his exhausted grandmother who pumps air by hand into his sick lungs. Only one baby, his face bruised purple from a hurried delivery by forceps, is strong enough to cry.

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