Symantec: We protect, you decide

May 19, 2008

enrique-salem.jpgSome companies have thousands of ways to gauge their performance. Symantec figures it out on two fingers: loyalty and market share.

When asked how Symantec measures customer loyalty, Chief Operating Officer and President Enrique Salem told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York on Monday:

Here is his answer:

We work with a company called Satmetrix, and it’s called the net promoter score. It’s a real simple metric. You ask one question: Would you recommend Symantec? And so, if they say yes, then you give it a score — 1 to 10. If you’re a 9 to 10, you’re a promoter. If you’re 6 or lower, you’re a detractor. If you take promoters minus detractors, that gives you a net promoter score. It’s not a complex thing. If you worked at a company, it’s “would you recommend your friends to work there.” If you did, you’d be a promoters, if you didn’t , you’d be a detractor.

We can then go and look at the groups of folks who say no and say “why not?” And when they say no, there are specific reasons. And when they say yes, we’d like to figure out why you say yes. And it usually [is] innovative products, quality or great support. And and when they say no, it comes down to quality, support or ease of doing business. So at the end of the day we are driving those two metrics – loyalty and market share.

It’s simple, really. Almost like Ross Perot explaining the deficit.

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