Could the IEA become the IEEA?

June 2, 2008

The head of one of the world’s biggest consumer bodies the
International Energy Agency, the IEA for short, has ambitions to
add an extra E to his three-letter acronym.

The IEA was set up in the 1970s to defend consumer interests
in the face of the Arab oil embargo. It still spends much of its
energy thinking about oil, but more and more it is also thinking
about the environment.

“My job is not only energy,” said Nobuo Tanaka, executive
director of the agency set up in the 1970s.

“It should be the IEEA,” he said, adding an extra e for

He was obliged to burn up a few carbon credits to travel to
London for the Reuters Energy Summit, but he does his best to
keep his carbon footprint low by walking into work at the IEA’s
headquarters on the banks of the Seine in Paris.

“I live very near the office,” he said.

He will also be banging the environment drum at the next
month’s G8 summit in his home country of Japan.

“We are making another 25 recommendations to the G8 summit
meeting for energy efficiency,” he said.



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Mr.Tanaka, director IEA :

The energy solution is simple : a) install solar panels and turbines on every building on the planet, b) install solar panels and turbines on top of every parking lot ( as shade ) around the world, c) install solar cells ,concentrators and thermal tubes on the sides of every highway in the world, d) install E-85 ethanol pumps on every gas station ( from sugar cane and jathropa ,etc. and not corn) and also every gas station with electrical plug-ins , we got the solution, we just need the incompetent corrupt leaders of the world to do it, that’s the only problem, our leaders ! and we don’t have any really , and the ones we got are useless ! ..will you do it ? will you get them together and ask them to do it ?

also, to cut down on consumption, we need every human with laptops and video-conference simple tools to work long distance,tele-work worldwide, with voice,video and data on IP, will you ask the leaders of the world to do something useful ?

Posted by pesca | Report as abusive

the easy solution would be to start drilling and drill now for our own supplies not everyone can afford solar panels for this and that and please dont give the democrats a excuse to raise taxes as for sugar cane that is a joke that was tried with carter and sugar went out of sight why not make use of what we have let the oil companies pay

Posted by melanie | Report as abusive