Energy boss sees red over green fridge

June 4, 2008

Running an energy exchange does not necessarily make it easy
to run an energy efficient household.

The chief executive of Germany’s EEX has just bought a new
flat and, as a carbon-conscious citizen, he was eager to install
an energy efficient kitchen, with an energy efficient fridge.

He succeeded — eventually, but buying it was easier said
than done as salesman after salesman proved unable to give
the right advice.

“I was shocked by the levels of incompetence on that
question,” Hans-Bernd Menzel told the Reuters Global Energy

He was particularly unimpressed because for many years it
has been more cost-effective over the longer term to invest in an expensive, but
efficient fridge, rather than to buy a cheap wasteful one.

“Around 15 years ago, I had the same question … The
question of power consumption was already an issue.”

In other areas, there has been progress.

When he first asked his bank if it could buy him carbon
certificates, “it was completely frustrated,” Menzel said.

Now any German citizen wanting to invest in the certificates
used for offsetting carbon emissions only has to ask.

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