Audio – Coupon clipping out: Coupon clicking in

June 18, 2008

team_dusing.jpgThe days of going through the Sunday papers and clipping all the double coupons you can find might be coming to an end.

While there are those few people out there (and we know some of them!), who actually enjoy a good session of clipping, Brent Dusing, co-founder and chief executive of Cellfire Inc, likes to see his coupons on his cell phone.

Cellfire, the first mobile application that allows people to use coupons and discounts from their favorite stores and restaurants, has been around for almost three years and has crafted a number of deals with national retailers like McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Hollywood Video, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Arby’s and Ben & Jerry’s and a batch of local retailers, too (in Seattle alone there’s Mama Lucia’s, Dante’s or the Seattle Art Museum).

How does it all work? Walking or driving down the street, you get a message from Cellfire that says the retailer in your zip code has a special deal — so swing by and spend that cash.

Dusing — who seems appallingly young to have come up with such a cool idea — said at the annual Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit that business is doing well and they are adding retailers at a good clip.

Dusing was one of the featured guests at this year’s summit, held in London and New York. Next week, Reuters Global Real Estate Summit will be held in North America, Europe and Asia.

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