Kremlin adviser sees end to graft

September 9, 2008

dvork.jpgThe Kremlin has been promising for years to root out corruption from Russia’s bureaucracy. President Dmitry Medvedev has vowed to redouble these efforts. In June, the newly elected president’s administration presented him with new anti-corruption legislation and a plan to clean up the judiciary.  

Medvedev’s top economic adviser, Arkady Dvorkovich, speaking at the Reuters Russian Investment Summit, bristled at a reporter’s suggestion that the anti-corruption campaign might start in the top echelon of politics:

 “You haven’t noticed we’ve started?”

“The change in behavour of bureaucrats is noticeable at all levels. I can tell from my own colleagues there is no longer a casual attitude toward the prospect of a run-in with the law. There is fear and understanding on the part of those who join the civil service that it isn’t a money making tool.

“A few years back it was a mass phenomenon — people came to government service with the aim of making money.  It doesn’t happen anymore. “


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Good Article. I think the United States Congress and Executive Branch could do with taking a lesson from Russia. In case any of you have not been following the Ted Stevens proceedings I urge you to go to and see the extent of graft in our country. The denial by Ted Stevens really points up the problem. I think many in our government today do not know right from wrong.

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Don’t be fooled. The level of corruption in Russian is second only to China. The U.S. govt looks like group of saints compared to these guys.

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Yeah, right. Things have changed in Russia. Putin becomes the richest man in Europe, and then it’s time to fight corruption. Putin had famous words years ago to a report…”The dogs bark, but the caravan goes by”, i.e. dog barks, no response. Same with this anti-corruption campaign. Will the last person out please switch off the lights because the orgy is over. Back to mediocrity and cronyism 101 in Velikaya Rus.

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[…] Kremlin adviser sees end to graft […]

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