AUDIO-$700 bln bailout sparks inflation, moral hazard fear

September 23, 2008

fridson.jpgMartin Fridson — known as the “Dean of the high yield bond market” — is concerned about what we don’t know when it comes to consequences of the U.S. federal government’s $700 billion bailout to help move toxic mortgage debt off their balance sheet.
Fridson, the Chief Executive of Fridson Investment Advisors,  told the Reuters Summit on Tuesday that beyond the unforeseen consequences that scare him most, moral hazard and inflationary pressures from the historic government action top his list of concerns. 
To listen to Fridson’s comments, click here

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Being a regular tax paying American, it seems to me, if
MY goverment gave every tax paying citizen 1 million dollars, the problem would be solved. We would stimulate
the economy better than any wall street conglomerate ever could. We would pay off our homes, or build new ones, we would travel, buy new cars, start new bussiness.
We in turn would pay taxes,every one in the world would benifit from the American people.
When you compare this to $700 billion it would be drop in
the bucket, and yet it would solve all the problems.

Our Goverment has to keep it complecated, I say keep it
simple stupid.

Posted by Joan Moore | Report as abusive