The credit crisis is affecting us all…

October 15, 2008

rtr1pjb9.jpgSpare a thought for the mega-rich.

While the man or woman on the street cuts back on non-essential spending as the value of their home falls and they worry more about whether or not they will keep their job, so too multi-millionaires are feeling the pinch.

Javier Arus Castillo, general manager of Santander Private Banking International, explains.

“With the markets down, if you have lost $100 million and have $300 million left then that makes you think. Your life is not going to change but you start to feel a little concerned.

“The top people who have their own plane or have NetJet shares of $8 million and one-third of a jet are now saying ‘does it make sense that to fly from Latin America to Europe costs me $100,000? Maybe I should buy a first class ticket.'”

Puts our own worries in perspective.

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