Grassley grades Obama’s performance C to F

October 19, 2009

We asked Senator Charles Grassley to grade President Barack Obama’s performance (close your ears Sasha and Malia) and the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee was a bit of a tough schoolmaster.

“He’s still learning an awful lot,” Grassley said at a Reuters Washington Summit.

But Obama gets a D on foreign policy, a C on domestic policy, and an F on trade (ouch!)

We asked him to explain the grading.

“If you go to class, college, and you don’t do anything you get an F,” Grassley said on trade. He noted that Obama has put a 35 percent duty on tires from China, which the senator believed was not a good idea, but he would have been willing to overlook that if the president was pushing forward on trade agreements.

And why the D on foreign policy?

“He’s taken a month to decide whether to send more troops to Afghanistan,” Grassley said.

“And what sort of a signal is that sending around the world when the commander-in-chief of the biggest economy and the biggest military in the world, the policeman for the world, is wondering whether or not he wants to back up the general he appointed to study it, and something that worked in Iraq, and he’s not making up his mind,” Grassley said.

Photo credit: Reuters/Johnathan Ernst (Grassley at Reuters Washington Summit)


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Posted by Larry | Report as abusive

Chuck Grassley is a lost cause. The fact that he is even talking like this suggests the reform fight has really pushed him over the edge. He’s up for re-election next year — in a state Barack Obama won by about 10 points –and Grassley will face a very credible Democratic challenger.

Embracing fringe, right-wing theories may excite the base a bit, but in general, Grassley’s bizarre turn to the far-right is not only painful to watch, it’s a risky political strategy that may cost him his job.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

coming from Mr Delusional, “kill grandma” Grassley,
an F quite possibly equates to an A…

Of course he is going to grade Obama an F, is there a republican out there who ever really supported the guy? But really, who cares to get his opinion? I sit around every day just waiting to hear what he has to say.

Posted by Cray | Report as abusive

Grassley is a Conservative Republican Senator. What do you expect? He was also the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and is currently the ranking minority member. What grade should we give him in light of the Depression he helped cause?

Posted by Mayor Ed | Report as abusive