Watch out school kids, big brother will soon be watching you

November 30, 2009

By Paul Sandle

Sit back a minute and think back to your school days — doing homework on the bus, skipping double physics on a Friday afternoon…nice, huh? Well, no more if Pearson prevails.

The reluctant student skulking at the back of the class, copying homework at the last minute or taking a day off, like Ferris Bueller, could find school a lot tougher if his college starts using the publisher’s latest education products.  

Pearson, number one among educational publishers, which already complements its textbooks with online learning and testing tools, has developed applications to monitor attendance, punctuality and every other aspect of a student’s school record.

“There’s quite scary technology that we’ve got: scary for the student but great for the parent,”  Chief Financial Officer Robin Freestone said at Reuters Media Summit in London. 

“We’ll send you by the hour how late Johnny was for his first lesson this morning and how he’s done in his test in French. It’s scary to be a student these days.”

 No carefree days for students but an early introduction to the rat race.

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