Economic security or environmental destruction?

March 19, 2010

The Oil Sands, the world’s second-largest proven reserves after Saudi Arabia, hold out the promise of energy security for the United States and economic security for Canada. But environmentalists fear the destructive, energy intensive process of extracting the oil will carry direct consequences for the planet. Despite the doubts, new oil sands projects are again springing up after the financial crisis halted development. How will oil companies balance the quest for more oil with environmental concerns? Mar. 22-23 we’ll put those questions to the oil companies, environmental groups and government officals at the first Reuters Canadian Oil Sands Summit in Calgary.

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Why can we have economic security without environment destruction? After all we never hear Arnie, Greenpeace etc protest about the tarsands in California. They therefore must be environmentally friendly. I would have included Cuba and venezula but Americans are wanted there so they wouldn’t have a clue about what is happening there but they should know about California seeing that Arnie likes to mind everyone else’s business and California was the home to the flower children (I mean Greenpeace).

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