McCain to Gaga: I’ll save my talking for the Senate

September 20, 2010

Don’t expect Senator John McCain to respond to critical Twitter comments from pop star Lady Gaga as the U.S. SUMMIT-WASHINGTON/MCCAINSenate girds for a showdown over gays in the military.

“I only Twitter with Snooki, as you know,” McCain said Monday at the Reuters Washington Summit.

The Senate is expected to take up the hot-button issue on Tuesday, and McCain said he expects to focus his efforts on the floor of the Senate, not the popular microblogging service.

But he says the gay-friendly pop star and her followers are welcome to weigh in.

“I welcome her in the debate, I welcome all of her young fans into the debate,” McCain said. “It’s good to have lots of people involved.

With mere weeks until the Nov. 2 congressional elections, Democrats are hoping to rescind a ban on gays serving openly in the military — a policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell” — by including it in a bill that outlines the Pentagon’s spending priorities.

McCain and other Senate Republicans say it’s a nakedly political ploy to fire up a key segment of the Democratic base, and are seeking to block the bill on the grounds that Congress should wait until the Pentagon finishes up its review of the issue in December.

That doesn’t sit well with Lady Gaga, who said via Twitter last week that McCain was trying to “hijack our debate” and urged her followers to lobby for the bill’s passage.

McCain has used Twitter to interact with young celebrities before. This past spring, he sent a message to Snooki, the tanned reality-TV star of “Jersey Shore” fame, after she complained about tanning bed taxes.

“I would never tax your tanning bed!,” he wrote.

Most political observers expect Republicans to roll up big gains in the elections, but McCain cautioned that sideshows like this one could have unexpected repercussions among those voters who have not yet decided how to cast their ballots.

“They’re watching Lady Gaga attacking me on ‘Don’t ask don’t tell.’ I think we are really in danger of counting chickens before they hatch,” he said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque


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I had no idea Lady Gaga was so knowledgeable regarding military affairs and how best to defend the nation. Why would she care, she has never served and never will. The present military seems to be doing a good enough job. There is no draft and Gaga doesn’t have to worry about being called up. Seriously this issue is about effeminacy in the ranks. Most could care less if they are serving with someone that is gay as long as we don’t dumb down the standards and weaken our military. Of course Lady Gaga would not understand that but I do. That’s why I don’t comment on how Hollywood and the entertainment industry should run itself.

Posted by Bdy2010 | Report as abusive

Now there’s a surprise, pop star expresses anti-Republican, pro-liberal opinions. Wow. I’m amazed, like.

Posted by Gotthardbahn | Report as abusive