Hensarling proud of fiscal conservative creds, embraces Tea Party allies

February 28, 2011

It is clear that House Financial Services Committee Vice Chairman Jeb Hensarling is proud of his credentials as a fiscal conservative.

He may have more competition for that label after the November election swept in members of the Tea Party. But he sees that as a good thing. FINANCE-SUMMIT/HENSARLING

Hensarling eased into the position of  House Republican Conference chair after avoiding an internal battle for the fourth highest slot in House Republican leadership when Michele Bachmann, who started the congressional Tea Party Caucus, stepped aside.

We asked him at the Reuters Future Face of Finance summit how his Tea Party colleagues are fitting in on Capitol Hill.

“I guess well. We wouldn’t have the majority were it not for the Tea Party. I think most Republicans embrace the core message of the Tea Party,” Hensarling said.

The freshman class of Tea Party lawmakers is doing “exceedingly well,” he said. “I’m happy to have them.”

“As the guy who by most estimates is one of the five most fiscally conservative members of the House, I welcome and embrace them as allies,” Hensarling said.

Is he still in the top five as far as conservative creds go? “It’s probably going to get a little bit more challenging now.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts (Hensarling speaks at Reuters finance summit)

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Let’s be honest about this. It’s not that he’s a fiscal conservative, it’s that he’s against taxes and social spending.

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