Summit Notebook

Video – Luxury retail to take permanent hit

June 8, 2009

Unlike other economic downturns luxury retailers are also taking a hit along with the trest of the industry.

AT&T: Netbooks key to expansion beyond cellphones?

May 19, 2009

AT&T says it sees a lot of promise for the netbook and the connection fees that come with the devices as a growing source of revenue as consumers look to take broadband connectivity on the road. But will consumers be as enthusiatic to sign another contract for the service? Click below to hear AT&T’s President of Mobile & Consumer Markets talk about what he sees as the future of the netbook.

Mexican retailer Soriana bets for brighter 2010

May 7, 2009

 High unemployment rates, declining remittances from Mexicans living abroad, an economic slowdown and contracting consumption is not boding well for Mexican retailers. This year is no exception as the country’s leading supermarket chains struggle to keep customers happy, offering anything from stamps to buy German cuttlery sets to cooking classes for housewives pulling their hair wondering what to prepare for lunch next. 
    Monterrey-based Soriana, Mexico’s No. 2 retailer, knows a thing or two about sailing in choppy waters. After an ambitious acquisition of 200 stores from a smaller rival in 2007, which boosted its presence across the country, the company faced tight liquidity to meet debt payments last year.
    But Soriana has moved fast to cut costs and lighten the weight to face more hard times in 2009. Chief Financial Officer Aurelio Adan told the Reuters Latin American Investment Summit that Soriana’s same-store sales will be flat this year but it will generate enough cash flow to cut its debt by over 20 percent.
    Adan expects to turn the page in 2010 and resume Soriana’s strong growth with the opening of 40 stores.

Audio – How bad? Bad.

June 18, 2008

todman1.jpgThe state of the U.S. economy has been much on the minds of all our guests at this year’s Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit.

Audio – Bad Times? Good Times.

June 18, 2008

schaye1.jpgJim Schaye comes across as a perfectly nice fellow, but if you happen to work for a retailer and you see him walking up and down your aisles, checking out your stuff … well, think about dusting off that resume.

Audio – Coupon clipping out: Coupon clicking in

June 18, 2008

team_dusing.jpgThe days of going through the Sunday papers and clipping all the double coupons you can find might be coming to an end.

Audio – Retail just like the old days … the REALLY old days!

June 17, 2008

storch1.jpgToys “R” Us Chief Executive Jerry Storch has expansion on his mind.

Storch, one of the featured guests at this year’s annual Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit, said on Tuesday he was trying to improve the mix and locations of its stores.

Reuters Summit-Broadening its horizons

June 16, 2008

Perry Ellis International Inc is looking at getting a good bit more “international” — as befitting its full name.

Retailers facing an inflationary world

June 16, 2008

card1.jpgThe costs of raw materials and of just getting things from manufacturer to store shelves continue to rise and Wesley Card, chief executive of Jones Apparel Group said on Monday that those costs will likely continue to be an issue for companies like his and will also be passed on to shoppers — especially looking ahead to 2009.

Video – Investors look to gold and diamonds

June 14, 2008

Investors are looking at precious metals and diamonds while the super rich are snapping up key pieces of jewellery.