Summit Notebook

Audio – Pizza around the world!

March 18, 2008

travis1.jpgIn the United States, we tend to think that the whole world shares our lifelong love of all things dealing with pizza.

Audio – Chicken and oil

March 18, 2008

sanderson1.jpgNo, it’s not a new recipe (although fried chicken is always a welcome addition to almost any event we’ve ever attended).

Audio – Nuts about nuts

March 17, 2008

mendes1.jpgWell, he seemed pretty calm, actually!

Michael Mendes, chief executive of Diamond Foods, maker of Emerald Nuts, said at the Reuters Food Summit on Monday that demand for the company’s many different nut products remain strong and gave an optimistic outlook on the future.

Audio – Re-establishing Starbucks’ cool

March 17, 2008

goldin.jpgIt’s been some time since Starbucks was considered cool.

There was a time, to be sure, when the coffee retailer’s cool, new shops were actually cool and new. It was Seattle — and all things Northwest — were hot. Coffee was being consumed by the gallon. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were just building their angst-ridden, flannel-clad fan bases.

Audio – Pricing power key for ConAgra

March 17, 2008

rodkin1.jpgIf ConAgra Foods Inc is planning on making its numbers for the rest of this fiscal year, it’s going to have to do it by passing on cost increases to its customes.

Audio – Coke hints at valve replacement

March 7, 2007

scott-young-coke.jpgCoca-Cola Co., the world’s largest soft drink company, has been bringing out so many new flavors that it may revamp its equipment to make sure consumers get a chance to taste them at their favorite restaurants and other spots.

Audio – Shaking up those Smokey Bones

March 6, 2007

madsen.jpgDarden Restaurants Inc., which runs restaurants such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster, is looking at ways to change one of its smaller chains.

Audio – Doing what comes ‘naturally’

March 6, 2007

Jeff EttingerHormel, which is probably best known for its Spam luncheon meat, is taking a close look at how to reach out to consumers looking for natural foods.  But Chief Executive Jeff Ettinger told the Reuters Food Summit on Tuesday that there are higher costs and problems to make organic products.

Change is good

March 5, 2007

schmick1.jpgRising prices for commodities ranging from corn to energy have forced food and restaurant companies to try to squeeze through the occassional price increase to cover costs.