Summit Notebook

Audio – Merck CEO swagger

November 9, 2006

merck.jpgMerck & Co.’s hangover from the withdrawal of its $2.5 billion a year arthritis drug Vioxx has lifted, according to Chief Executive Richard Clark, and the drugmaker is starting to flex its muscles again. 

Audio – Cardinal courtship

November 9, 2006

cardinal.jpgCardinal Health CEO R. Kerry Clark likens the efforts to lure him from Procter & Gamble into the top spot at the drug wholesaler as something of a mating dance with the company’s former chief executive.

Audio – Farewell Maui, aloha Bristol-Myers

November 8, 2006

cornelius.jpg Bristol-Myers Squibb interim CEO James Cornelius weighs his Hawaiian vacation against taking over at the troubled drugmaker. He tells the Reuters Health Summit his name is not among the list of potential candidates for the permanent CEO job but he remains committed to staying on until a new chief is named. 

Audio – HealthSouth fountain frolic

November 7, 2006

healthsouth1.jpg   How did HealthSouth Corp. employees greet the news that their former boss, Richard Scrushy, had been convicted of bribery? With an aquatic frolic in the once forbidden fountain.

Audio – HealthSouth CEO no Scrushy

November 7, 2006

healthsouth.jpgHealthSouth Corp. Chief Executive Jay Grinney’s taste in office furnishings favor the common man approach. He found the lavish excesses of his predecessor Richard Scrushy to be more than a little over the top for a health care company. 

Audio – Barr’s CEO gives FDA commissioners A+

November 7, 2006

barr.jpgBarr Labs has had its fair share of rocky times with U.S. regulators, but CEO Bruce Downey tells the Reuters Health Summit the FDA chiefs have done a solid job.

Audio – Universal Health CEO sees Democratic benefits

November 7, 2006

universal_health.jpgAs some executives play it close to the vest politically on election day, Universal Health’s CEO spells it out: Democrats in power in Congress are likely to boost coverage of the uninsured and lean toward more spending for seniors.

Audio – Amylin says room in diabetes market for Byetta rivals

November 7, 2006

bradbury.jpgAmylin investors are bracing for new competition in the diabetes market from two Big Pharma powers: Merck and Novartis. But Amylin’s president is not worried. In fact — he’s breaking out the welcome mat. 

Audio – Labcoat talent, output more than offset cost-Novartis

November 7, 2006

Novartis’ head of corporate research is perfectly willing to look beyond the cost of good scientists — particularly in China where there is a growing pool of talent. When it comes to discovery research, talent and output outweighs cost every time, Paul Herrling tells the Reuters Summit in a phone interview.  

Audio – Stemcell funding could spark U.S. breakthrough in medicine

November 7, 2006

Stemcell research funding proved to be a hot-button issue in the Congressional races leading up to election day this week — but it’s clear where Big Pharma stands on the new technology. Novartis’ head of corporate research told the Reuters Summit in a phone interview that he sees major breakthroughs in the U.S. if federal funding were ever to get approval.