Summit Notebook

Audio- Brittle China developers an opportunity for funds

June 24, 2008

David EdwardsLaSalle Investment Managers said its assets under management in Asia could double in the next three years and added it is considering investing in India for the first time. LaSalle Investment holds about $11 billion in Asia property assets under management, and plans to make $10 to $15 billion worth of deals in the next years.

Audio – AMP Capital on what’s hot in Japan

June 24, 2008

AMP Capital Investors said it was planning to boost its investments in Asia properties to A$16 billion ($15.3 billion) and will start by doubling the S$300 million ($220 million) in Singapore industrial assets it has already bought.

Audio – Hope you like vanilla

June 23, 2008

vanilla.jpgPlain vanilla, in the box, straight financings are the future, or at least near future, of real estate deals, says Marathon Asset Managing Director Scott Schwartz.

Audio – Bubbles are fun — for awhile

June 23, 2008

schwartz.jpgSure thing, kidsĀ LOVE the bubbles. The blowing, the running around, the popping.

Audio – The hits just keep on coming!

June 23, 2008

latham1.jpgSo much has already been said and written about the bursting of the U.S. real estate bubble, one might make the mistake of thinking that a widespread rebound is right around the corner.

Audio – How bad? Bad.

June 18, 2008

todman1.jpgThe state of the U.S. economy has been much on the minds of all our guests at this year’s Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit.

Audio – Bad Times? Good Times.

June 18, 2008

schaye1.jpgJim Schaye comes across as a perfectly nice fellow, but if you happen to work for a retailer and you see him walking up and down your aisles, checking out your stuff … well, think about dusting off that resume.

Audio – Coupon clipping out: Coupon clicking in

June 18, 2008

team_dusing.jpgThe days of going through the Sunday papers and clipping all the double coupons you can find might be coming to an end.

Audio – Retail just like the old days … the REALLY old days!

June 17, 2008

storch1.jpgToys “R” Us Chief Executive Jerry Storch has expansion on his mind.

Storch, one of the featured guests at this year’s annual Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit, said on Tuesday he was trying to improve the mix and locations of its stores.

Reuters Summit-Broadening its horizons

June 16, 2008

Perry Ellis International IncĀ is looking at getting a good bit more “international” — as befitting its full name.