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Mozilla’s big back button


John Lilly, Mozilla CEOSay what you will, but Mozilla got back. In Firefox 3, the latest version of its Web browser, the foundation has made more than 15,000 changes from the last version. According to Chief Executive John Lilly, they range from big to small, including making the back button bigger.

“We did user studies that say people click the back button more than they click the forward,” he told reporters and editors at the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York.

Apparently none of us ever learned the old Bob Dylan line about not looking back.

Mozilla also is making some other interesting decisions for Firefox 3, including releasing it in 50 languages.

Virgin Mobile USA’s trillions and trillions


Dan Schulman, CEO of Virgin Mobile USA Inc., speaks during the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecom SummitWill mobile advertising make you rich?

Virgin Mobile USA CEO Dan Schulman told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit today about a new advertising partnership with AOL’s Third Screen Media.

We asked him how big a deal it was. Schulman was enthusiastic, to say the least.

Peerless Qimonda?


kin-wah-loh.jpgMemory chipmaker Qimonda’s Chief Executive Kin Wah Loh says his company does not have any rivals. He likes to call them “friendly competitors” instead.

This is what the CEO of the loss making DRAM manufacturer has to say about his “friendly competitors” at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Tokyo:

HTC first to make Google’s Android phone?


google-android.jpgHigh Tech Computer Corp,  the world’s top smartphone maker, said it might be the first company to produce phones based on Google’s mobile software platform Android.   

“We’re still working on this new product and can’t say much. We’ll have the product by the end of this year. We should probably be the first from what efforts we’re putting in,” Chief Executive Peter Chou said at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Tokyo.

Dinner menu for Square Enix president: M&A


yoichi-wada.jpgWhat does Yoichi Wada, president of Japanese gaming software company Square Enix talk about over dinner these days? M&A, of course.

“I think every company is undergoing negotiations. We have dinners every night,” Wada said at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Tokyo.

from MediaFile:

Nokiahoo or Yahookia? Nah…


With all the interest in Yahoo Inc these days, we took the opportunity to ask Nokia CFO Rick Simonson at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit if the world's largest mobile phone maker would be interested in buying Yahoo. He laughed and joked that of all the questions we could have asked him, this was one he didn't see coming. Then he goes on to say:

We've not been involved obviously in Yahoo. We're focused on closing the acquisition with Navteq ...

Nat Semi to prevent homicide, boredom, cancer


nat-semi-ceo-brian-halla.jpgWe learned a couple of things about National Semiconductor CEO Brian Halla during our interview with him at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit on Monday, not the least of which is his love of the phrase “megatrend.”

    He has bought seven Apple iPhones for his family, with the last one going to his wife after she was stranded, out of gas, and her cellphone (which employed older Nat Semi tech) was unreachable. He’s on a waiting list for the Tesla, which has no less than 25 different circuits designed by Nat Semi. He feels that the tech industry makes people buy things they don’t really need.

In between discussing the state of the economy and the semiconductor industry, Halla pulled back the curtains for a peek at a few things the world desperately needs cooked up by Nat Semi’s research and development team.

Symantec: We protect, you decide


enrique-salem.jpgSome companies have thousands of ways to gauge their performance. Symantec figures it out on two fingers: loyalty and market share.

When asked how Symantec measures customer loyalty, Chief Operating Officer and President Enrique Salem told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York on Monday:

Grand Theft Audio 4 seen as “work of art”, EA says


florin.jpgThe spectacular debut this month of Take Two’s blockbuster video game Grand Theft Auto was no better than expected, EA’s head of international publishing, Gerhard Florin, told the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms summit in Paris.

EA on Monday extended its public offer for Take Two by a month after failing to win more shareholder support for its $2 billion hostile bid but did not up the price. Florin said he was surprised there had not been a more negative approach to the violent game, which instead was hailed as a work of art, even in Germany, which tends to shun violent video games.

Nokia: Messy geeks (like me) kill the environment!


nokia-cfo.jpgGoing green, in the literal sense, starts at home, Nokia CFO Rick Simonson tells us.

Asked during the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecom Summit what he’s doing at home about the environment, Simonson joked, “One of my daughters has just gone vegan. I haven’t figured out what’s the carbon footprint of that.”