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from Shop Talk:

Campbell Soup’s CEO steps up

conantCampbell Soup CEO Doug Conant, who spends his day selling soup, V8 vegetable juice and crackers, wrapped up his appearance at the Reuters Food Summit in Chicago with an exercise tip.

"Our lives are incredibly chaotic," said the 57-year-old CEO, who says he has found an easy way to step up his exercise and burn off calories from some of his favorite foods, such as Campbell's tomato rice soup and a grilled cheese sandwich made on his company's Pepperidge Farm bread.

"My assistant looks for a free half hour every day," said Conant, who is ready to lace up his sneakers when the moment is right. 

walk"Conant says he can get in 3,000 steps or more in a half hour.  Some studies suggest that 10,000 steps a day can help control weight.  But even if you fall below that, experts say any amount of exercise is good.