Summit Notebook

Exclusive outtakes from industry leaders

from Sakthi Prasad:

From coffee beans to brick buildings

M.R. Jaishankar of Brigade EnterprisesM.R. Jaishankar, chairman and managing director of real estate firm Brigade Enterprises, the youngest of 12 siblings, started his career in the family business of growing coffee beans.

 But after a nasty labor dispute, which resulted in the burning down of his factory in 1984, he saw an opportunity in the real estate business in the then sleepy Bangalore city -- and tasted big success.

Jaishankar said his first real estate loan of 10 million rupees in 1984 was considered so large that it had to be approved by the bank’s board of directors.

 In contrast, he said in today’s IT-driven Bangalore, a loan of 10 million rupees could be approved at the level of a branch manager.