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L-3 CEO Strianese finds crawling around airplanes fun


Michael Strianese, President and CEO of L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., is a roll up the sleeves kind of guy who likes nothing better than a close-up look at airplanes and wiring and sensors. And he’s not even an engineer.

“What do I like to do? I like to get down on the factory floor with the guys and crawl around airplanes and look at wiring and figure out how things work. So for somebody with a finance background, I think that surprises people,” he said at the Reuters Aerospace and Defense Summit. AERO-ARMS-SUMMIT/

“I think what might surprise people is I spend a lot of time developing some of the technical solutions on our unmanned systems that we developed internally over the last couple of years,” he said.

The company CEO has had a personal hand in the systems for the Viking 400, Mobius and Project Liberty aircraft.

Lockheed CEO Stevens says he learns a thing or two from new generation


Lockheed Martin Corp. CEO Robert Stevens, who turns 59 years old tomorrow, says he learns every day from the new generation at the defense company he heads — although he still doesn’t IM.

AERO-ARMS-SUMMIT/The son of a Pennsylvania steelworker who enlisted in the Marines instead of college, later completing  his education on the GI program, says, “I am one of the luckiest people you are going to meet.”