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Video – Recession resistant foods shine


Hormel, like the rest of the packaged foods industry, is seeing a boon as cash-strapped consumers try to save money by eating at home.

As the economic downturn hits consumer pocketbooks around the globe, the packaged foods industry is seeing a surge in demand as consumers try to save money by skipping restaurants and eating at home. Ruben Ramirez reports from Austin, Minnesota.

Ruben Ramirez, Reuters, Austin, Minnesota.

SOUNDBITE: Jeff Ettinger, CEO, Hormel Brian Buhr, Department Head, Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, 

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Food & Funds: Double dose of summits coverage this week

This week we've got a double dose of stories for you with both the Food Summit taking place in Chicago and the Funds Summit kicking off Tuesday in Luxembourg. Both summits come at a time when both sectors are in the spotlight. For food, one key question will be: How will cash-strapped consumers spend their hard earned cash if the current economic environment continues to deteriorate. We spent last week putting together a few stories ahead of the Food and Agriculture Summit.

Hormel shines as consumers eat at home:

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