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Audio – Bubbles are fun — for awhile

schwartz.jpgSure thing, kidsĀ LOVE the bubbles. The blowing, the running around, the popping.

All the things that gives real estate investors and developers fits.

Any simple search on “real estate” in a news story for the past two years would more than likely also mention the word “bubble”. In fact, a quick Google search of “real estate” and “bubble” turned up 998 news stories — in the past month!

At the Reuters Global Real Estate Summit, the problems that have plagued — and continue to plague — the real estate market has been much on the minds of all our guests, including Scott Schwartz, managing director of Marathon Asset Management.

Recognizing the breadth and depth of this real estate trough is critical for Schwartz’s business, but it is also equally key for him to see what’s coming at him down the road.

Video – Mortgage fraud scandal unveiled

The FBI unveiled “Operation Malicious Mortgage” and charged more than 400 people of fraud.

The same day that two former Bear Stearns hedge funds managers were arrested and indicted for securities fraud, the FBI unveiled a big mortgage fraud investigation.