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Berman: House may be “lame” after elections but won’t be paralyzed


The chairman of the House of Representatives committee on foreign affairs hasn’t lost his sense of humor…yet.

USA/Representative Howard Berman said he has been struggling for 24 years to get Congress to ease up on travel restrictions for Americans who want to go to Cuba. He’s determined to get it through his committee this year, even if it doesn’t happen until after the November election when the lawmakers are in “lame duck” session.

“We’re lame but we’re not paralyzed,” he told the Reuters Washington Summit when asked if it was possible to still get bills out of committee and to the full House for a vote during the time between the November election and the beginning of the new session in January.

Berman said he does not want to bring the topic up for a vote until he knows it can pass. So far, that is apparently not the case.