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from Funds Hub:

Written in the stars

It is not often that Reuters journalists carefully take down the words of an investor who regularly consults an astrologer, but then not every investor recorded a 32 percent increase in his portfolio in 2008.

As head of Eclectica Asset Management, Hugh Hendry cuts a figure not often seen in modern-day financial investing: a besuited Malcolm McLaren-esque counter-culture figure rather than a pointy-headed quant analyst.


Hendry says he draws direct inspiration from hedge fund managers from yesteryear, making money on the far fringes of the market, rather than today’s hedge fund professionals wedded to the big bastions of the financial industry.

“I have always identified with the spirit of the hedge funds of the 1970s. They were always these fascinating people who you wanted to hang out with, but always regretted not giving them more money,” Hendry said.