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from MediaFile:

Video game console obituaries premature – Microsoft

Gaming insiders who have given consoles the death sentence, get a life!

Shane Kim, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Microsoft Corp's Interactive Entertainment Business, said it's too soon to write off the Xbox.

"This console generation will have a long life cycle. I think it's way premature to say there will never be another Xbox," said Kim at the Reuters Media Summit.

Industry veterans like WildTangent Chairman Alex St. John and Sandy Duncan, who set up and ran the European Xbox business for Microsoft, believe that consoles as we know them are doomed. Duncan said they will "die out " in the next five to 10 years, according to an interview published in

Such forecasts are based on views that gaming consoles will be rendered obsolete by the increasing convergence of devices such as set top boxes and the fact that gamers will increasingly turn to the Web for new cool applications.

Seagate likes it easy, cheap and free

Seagate Technology CEO Bill WatkinsSeagate Chief Executive Bill Watkins has a reason to like easy, free ways to consume information on the Internet.

After all, his company is the world’s largest computer disk-drive maker, something that comes in handy for all the storage space required to back up online audio and video.