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Retail in recession: bottoms, bananas and breeding


So, what did we learn from executives in the hard-hit luxury and main street retail sectors this week at the Reuters summits?

The idea of a “new normal” age of lower consumerism was in vogue, with many executives expecting consumers to continue to be thrifty for some time. Conspicuous consumption may be dead, they say.

Heck, even Tiffany’s is attracting hagglers.

Even the Saks CEO is “Staycationing” in the downturn.

Of course, not everyone is cutting back, so Hermes still needs supplies of crocodile hides to make $35,000 handbags. The company’s solution? Breed its own.

The word “bottom” was also bandied about. Executives were hesitant to say the economy had definitely hit bottom. But many did see some leveling off. EBay CEO John Donahoe, for example, said he has seen some stabilization in demand, as did VF Corp CEO Eric Wiseman.

Adler’s “happy chic” in gloomy times


Interior designer Jonathan Adler points to his quirky and irreverent housewares as part of his success during the current economic environment. Click here to listen to what he has to say about his design aesthetic and how gloomy times might be driving people to bring home a little “happy chic.”

Adler: "Happy Chic" in gloomy times from Reuters TV on Vimeo.